Fonality’s World-Class Open-Source PBX and Call Center Software Solution for Resellers

Hybrid-Hosted — The Best of Both Worlds!

trixbox® Pro is built on a unique patent-pending architecture that has the reliability of premise, but the flexibility of hosted, therefore "hybrid-hosted". Like a hosted solution, you get free VoIP calling, easy telecommuters, anywhere management, and monitoring. But, like a premise solution, you also get rock-solid PSTN connectivity, advanced premise-style features (hosted usually lags years behind), and complete call privacy.

Fonality's Hybrid-Hosted Model

Secure Local Data

Because trixbox Pro starts at the premise, it continues to receive and make calls if your Internet connection goes down. Your data is also 100% private because your voice traffic, voicemails, and recordings are only stored at your premise. Our hybrid-hosted architecture communicates with your trixbox Pro server via a VPN connection which means that you don't need to open any firewall ports!

Hybrid-Hosted Benefits

  • Multi-office Management via Admin Portal
  • Web-based User Portal
  • System Monitoring
  • Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACDs) Management
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Zero-Configuration Teleworker Functionality
  • Report Generation
Web-based Management Portal

Our trixbox Data Center maintains a highly available cluster of Web servers that allow all administrative and user interfaces to be accessible from anywhere at anytime through any Web browser. In contrast, a locally hosted management portal would require that you allow external Web access to your system, which may compromise the security of your internal network. [ control panel screenshots ]

System Monitoring

You can sleep knowing that we continually monitor the health of your local trixbox Pro server for:

  • RAID drive failure notification
  • PBX software errors
  • Critical services failures
  • Disk space overcapacity

When a critical error is detected, our monitoring system tries first to repair and restart the service. When this is not possible our system will automatically generate a support ticket to trixbox's 24-hour support center for remedial action. [ support plan info ]

Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes Management

Every move, add, change, or deletion (MACD) made through the Web-based Control Panel first updates the trixbox Pro Data Center and is then pushed to the local server. Maintaining a real-time image of each local system configuration allows your system to be rebuilt and recovered rapidly if necessary.

Automatic Software Updates

Our hybrid-hosted architecture allows for the consistent, real-time display of the status of software versions installed at each site. Software updates are transparently sent to the local server during low-load times. Core upgrades are initiated by you and non-critical items show up automatically. This means we can add features and improve scale while you sleep!

Zero-Configuration Teleworker - patent-pending!

Because of the hybrid-hosted architecture, telecommuters and remote workers can be supported with zero-configuration required. The trixbox Data Center gathers the public IP address of the local trixbox Pro Server so that it can be used by remote IP phones to enable a simple registration process. Combined with DMZ/Host Server firewall settings, this virtually eliminates problems that usually occur in supporting IP phones for remote telecommuters, while protecting the security of your organization's internal systems.

Report Generation

trixbox Pro has an extensive call data reports (CDR) system where call reports are generated at our Data Center (via the hosted interface). This allows your local premise server to focus on call processing and avoid the CPU spikes often associacated with running large local database queries. Of course, all of your original call details are kept intact at your premise (in case you want to use a third-party reporting engine).