Fonality’s World-Class Open-Source PBX and Call Center Software Solution for Resellers

Who is trixbox?

trixbox®, formerly Asterisk@Home, which started as a home-grown Asterisk® project, has rapidly become one of most active open source projects in the world. In 2006, trixbox attracted the attention of Fonality, a Los Angeles-based IP-PBX company. The synergies between the companies quickly became clear and Fonality acquired trixbox in October 2006. Fonality now offers Fonality trixbox Pro, a hybrid-hosted software-based solution for resellers; and trixbox CE, our open-source IP-PBX project.

About Fonality

Fonality is changing the way small and medium-sized businesses communicate by providing the world’s most advanced yet affordable and easy to use communication systems. Our advanced communication solutions are transforming the workplace by moving the employee workplace to the worldplace.

Redefining Telephony for Resellers

Fonality’s innovative products provide communication solutions that are redefining the possibilities of business telephony. Indeed SMBs and resellers who service them are paying attention. With trixbox Pro, resellers now have an IP-PBX solution that can enhance revenue streams not only with hardware sales and software licenses, but installation, configuration, IVR development, management, monitoring, support, trunking, networking, and other value-added services as well.

From single-site businesses with basic phone needs to distributed call centers that demand sophisticated oversight to national corporations that require advanced presence management and communication tools, businesses are benefiting from Fonality's award-winning business IP telephony solutions. Used by more than 5,000 companies and 100,000 end users, our award winning IP-PBX VoIP phone systems have connected more than 225,000,000 phone calls around the globe.

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